Does God want people to know Him?

In order to learn interesting facts about the question, is God real, it is helpful to study some undeniable findings of DNA found in the body of living things. In the first place, the structure of DNA clearly shows its chemical ingredients, four in number. These chemicals are put into a nutshell as A, T, G & C.

The similarity of DNA with computer programming

 They are very similar to the computer programming codes zeros and ones. These letters are found in our cells somewhat like this: CGTGTGACTCGCTCCTDATCGTG & more. So as for the question, is God real? There’s a counter question, who programmed these codes?

People we can’t meet but they do exist

The actions performed by the cells bring about such an order. Is God real? Apart from scientific evidence, there are some logical proofs as well. For example, you have never ever encountered your friend’s sister because she lives abroad, but that never means that she doesn’t exist.

So, you’re not going to see her throughout your life, you can still see and touch the presents sent by her to your friend. And you will not deny her existence when your friend was like, “here are gifts she sent to me from abroad”.

A lot of examples are out there! Similarly, there’s a person you have never met but you hear people talking about them, and you will readily believe. What’s not to believe? Is God real?

Do you know that your brain is capable of processing millions of messages at the drop of a hat, permanently discriminating between the wrong and right? What is interesting about DNA is that the length of the code covers three million letters in the cell of everybody within the tiny space.

DNA is a collection of four chemicals, which we abbreviate to A, T, G, and C. These letters are the same as computer codes consisting of the zeros and ones. So, “Is God real?” should be longer a question.