The 4 Main Processes in Shamanic Healing

For those looking to find their soul and develop your own healing, you can try shamanic healing as it allows people to bring a major change in their lives. Shamanic healing helps heal not just the physical pain but also the emotional problems and the spiritual issues. There are many opportunities that can be explored using the shamanic healing process.

Four of the main processes of shamanic healing has been discussed below –


  • It is the stage where the unhealthy pattern of pain a person is experiencing is identified. It might take some time, but the results are inevitable.
  • Then, the chakra system is worked with to revitalize the energetic field around the body so that the person can gain back control of the body.

Crystallized Extractions

  • In this process, the crystallized energies are removed from the body that might have been put on you by someone else or by yourself.
  • Since these energies can create a limitation for the person, it is essential to remove them.

Fluid Extractions

  • In case another spirit has been living in the energy field, it has to be removed.
  • In this process, that spirit is identified and extracted to make the person feel much lighter.

Soul Retrieval

  • Soul retrieval is the last process of the process where the soul of the body that might have left because of some trauma is brought
  • The lost soul is asked to come back and integrated again into the body since it has become a safe place to stay in.