Game Console Repairs

The dreaded red ring of death…your Playstation isn’t “playing nice”….your Wii is motionless – WE CAN FIX THAT! No matter what is wrong with your gaming console, we will diagnose and repair without the hassle of having to wait WEEKS for your console to be repaired.

Our certified gaming console repair staff is trained and certified to the highest standards – our professional repair services are as good as sending your system out to be fixed – except you WON’T WAIT WEEKS! and you’ll only pay a FRACTION OF THE COST!

XBOX 360 Repairs

Some of our Xbox 360 repair services include:

  • Red ring of death repair
  • E74 error repair
  • Disk read error
  • Disc drive replacement

Playstation 3 Repairs

Some of our Playstation 3 repair services include:

  • Yellow light of death repair
  • Flashing red light repair
  • Blu ray drive repair
  • Blue ray drive replacement

We Also Fix Other Gaming Devices – Including Handhelds

So give us a call today and see what Venice Wireless can do to save you money today.