The Top 3 HVAC Trends For The Future

Smart technology is connecting the world, and the growing trend is greener, smarter, energy-efficient living.
It’s going to be interesting to see how “intelligent” HVAC products will be changing buildings and homes in the future. 
Intelligent HVAC products are already on the market, and technology that gets smarter on its own through apps, smartphones, and network systems are giving people more personal access control.
HVAC systems are trending towards electronic functionality and away from mechanical components.

HVAC Compatibility

Surges of new HVAC technology can be confusing. How do you know what you buy will work with your current tech?
The biggest challenge for the HVAC smart-home industry is compatibility. Not all products can talk to each other because there’s no universal language or protocol. The world’s tech giants are currently in a wrestling match for market dominance. Many have launched products and apps to connect home products to smartphones.

Smart Thermostats

If your HVAC thermostat isn’t properly programmed, you could be throwing away hundreds of dollars annually. This gadget actually learns what your home preferences are and then programs them all within a week. It can also be controlled from your phone.
Once it has learned enough, it creates certain financial advantages, like reducing heating and cooling costs by up to 20%. Every time you make a heating or cooling change in your home, the thermostat’s Nest Sense is learning to schedule and activate your preferences itself. It even senses when you have left home and adjusts your heating or cooling HVAC system accordingly.

Smart Vents

There is now a smart vent available for homes that open and closes “intelligently“. This helps to reduce cold or hot spots in rooms. The Keen Vent system creates an estimated savings of up to $200 annually.
There is a wide variety of vent designs to choose from and it can all be connected up to the existing home network using Zigbee. The vents allow zones to be set up in your home while the smart vent can then redirect the airflow to these zones from other areas.

Smart Window Air Conditioners 

Window air conditioners have become very popular, particularly in a large apartment and condominium buildings. The Aros smart window air conditioner gathers information from you and your smartphone, learning your locations, times, and schedules.
It’s smart, so it can be controlled using your phone when you aren’t home. It also figures out when you are approaching home using the phone’s GPRS system, so you can arrive straight into your ideal environment.
It seems then that the general HVAC trend for 2015 is integrating HVAC controls with your building’s existing systems, such as lighting and access control, while HVAC manufacturers continue to cut wasteful energy usage.